Dixmondsg Organic Shampoo Full Set + Conditioner & Hair Mask
  • Dixmondsg Organic Shampoo Full Set + Conditioner & Hair Mask

    Fragrance & Benefits Available:

    Ginger / Tea Tree
    Promotes Hair Growth
    Reduces Hair Loss
    Maintains Hair Volume

    Blossom / Black Ice
    Repairs Damaged Hair
    Soothes Scalp Inflammation
    Reduces Dandruff 
    Reduces Oily & Itchy Scalp




    Common FAQ:


    Which fragrance should i be using for my hair?
    If you are experiencing any scalp or hair texture issue, you should always use our Blossom / Blackice series to repair your conditions before switching to our hair growth series.


    When can I start using the hair growth series?
    This depends on the severity of your initial hair condition, on average customers with mild hair and scalp conditions will notice full improvements in their hair condition after 3-6 months. Then, they will be able to switch to our hair growth series, to promote hair growth.


    How long will I see improvements in my hair condition?
    Most customers will be able to see gradual improvements in 12 days, some even reported seeing results way earlier! This depends on the initial hair condition of your hair type. With diligence usage of our products, you will be able to see great improvement in your hair condition.


    Am i allowed to use any other products in conjunction with your products?
    No. We do not recommend mixing any other kind of hair products in conjunction with ours as it will affect the function of our ingredients. You are advised to use Dixmondsg Shampoo, Dixmondsg Conditioner, Dixmondsg Hair Mask only.


    Do I have to use hair oil after using your products for my damaged / dry hair?
    If you are a regular hair oil user. Congrats! You have one less step to your usual hair routine, our products are proven to improve your hair condition without the need of hair oil.


    Why should I be using Dixmondsg’s Hair Care Series?
    Our certified organic hair care series is free of all the nasty chemicals like silicones, parabens, sulfates found commonly even in most big brands. Instead Dixmondsg’s Hair Care Series, is made up of natural derived ingredients like coconut and argan oil. From 2016 till date, we have gotten more than 10,000+ positive reviews all over social media. We believe that quality products don't have to be expensive!


    Where are your products manufactured?
    Dixmondsg is a hair care brand in Singapore, our factory is located in South Korea. All our products are manufactured in Korea and have gone through multiple stringent testings before we launch it to our valued consumers. Our premium ingredients are sourced from Japan, Korea, and Germany.


    I am unsure what series i should be getting for my hair condition, can you give me a recommendation?
    Yes certainly! Do feel free to reach our customer service whatsapp hotline at +65 8868 5252 from 12pm to 9pm daily, or by leaving us an enquiry on our Shopee platform.

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      DIXMONDSG is an organic hair care brand line headquartered in Singapore that currently focuses exclusively on producing high quality permanent hair dyes at affordable cost. 

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